How do we get more protein?

In this day and age of information, it is so important to be able to empower yourself to make good decisions that sit right with you. Sometimes we get so distracted with the noise and worrying about other people we end up in weird snack cycles that leave us feeling flat and uninspired.

I started my little BeefisBetter journey on this Beef Education Hub which has great content. I do this, because I love to exercise my brain as much as my body and behold, 'you learn something new everyday'. Protein of any sort and shape, ensures a steady supply of energy to your muscles and brain. So our cave-woman brethren of old, literally thought they were super smart hanging out in the cave thick with protein.

Maybe all we need for better body images is a small protein snack to increase attention and mental performance? Maybe we would see what's in the mirror as a good thing in its wholesomeness instead of the bits we don't like. 

I may be going a little deep here, but carnivore snacking has really changed it up for me. I don't crave the unhealthy snacks at 4pm. I feel the cell production promoted by amino acids, I feel new. Like Eva Longoria new with her hia-ya-la-ron-ic-acid. But unlike Eva, I don't rub it on my face. Gross. 

I once attended a seminar where a plastic surgeon was asked if Vitamin enriched creams would make us look younger. His answer has stayed with me: When you have a headache, you take a Tylenol, right? Right. Now, do you crush the Tylenol up and rub it on your head; or do you put it in your body?

Whether you are what you eat, or question everything. The fact remains, energy and the you-ness comes from the inside. You need energy to sustain it and protein plays a critical part in the processes that fuel your energy and carry oxygen throughout your body in your blood. #EatMeat #FeelBetter


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