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Fl!ps Chips introduced on Amazon

Love the potato chip? Hate the potato pounds? Flip out on clean snacking. Fl!ps are all-new, All-American Air-Dried Meat Chip made with nothing but pure meat and our blend of all-natural herbs and ...

How do we get more protein?

The fact remains, energy and the you-ness comes from the inside. You need energy to sustain it and protein plays a critical part in the processes that fuel your energy and carry oxygen throughout y...

To Your Health

Whenever life gives you lemons and you're reaching for the tequila (I know I always do), there is a plethora of peanuts from the peanut gallery that would like to add to your fruit basket. This phe...

How is Biltong Made

The traditional air-dried South African meat snack The finest beef is sourced (USDA Approved in the USA) from farmers and ranchers using traditional and natural farming methods. Long str...

Biltong and Cheese Omlette

Did you know that BillO’s Biltong is not only a tasty, high-protein meat snack, but also a healthy and versatile ingredient / topping.Get the best start to your day with BillO’s and enjoy this whol...
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