What are Air-Dried Meat Snacks?

BillO'S is based on one of South Africa’s favorite snack foods, rich cultural heritage blended with modern technology and convenience. To air-dry our meat, we cut it into strips or slices and hang it in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment that slowly, and naturally extracts moisture. The process preserves all the chains of protein, making the meat more nutrient dense. It has an adventurous texture, tender but still chewy. Air drying is a method that has been used for centuries to maximize protein and flavor. All our US Premium Beef cuts are seasoned with salt, artisanal vinegars, cracked pepper and coriander. Tasty and nutritious, it’s the perfect snack because it is the preferred-paleo source of protein. It is Carb Free, Sugar Free and completely Guilt Free.


Biltong is Keto friendly, Paleo friendly, Banting friendly and Whole 30 friendly. It is naturally high in protein, gluten-free, sugar-free and contains no MSG. BillO’s Biltong is made from USDA approved beef and is an excellent all-natural energy source.

Biltong is a healthier snacking alternative to jerky. It is made using simple, all-natural ingredients and contains zero grams of sugar.


Air dried for 7 Days
Zero grams of sugar
High Protein yield
32g Protein per ounce
Gluten free
Naturally tender
All-natural ingredients


Often cooked (smoked)
Often contains sugar
Reduced protein yield
10g Protein per ounce
Often contains Gluten
Often chewy in texture
Complex Marinades 

Biltong is the ideal snack to enjoy while on-the-go, or as a natural high-protein recovery food after your favorite workout. Pack some in your child’s lunchbox for sustained energy that is sugar free. Naturally cured, biltong is perfect snack to take with you on outdoor adventures.

Throw some biltong into your soups or stews for some extra hearty beef flavor. Add some biltong as a topping on salads, sandwiches and pizzas, or enjoy on its own or add it to your cheeseboard for a unique South African twist when guests visit.

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